New Year January Special 25% Off Cleaning & Re-sealing

  • Clean & Seal Exposed Aggregate Driveway

    Pressure Clean Seal & Protect
    25% OFF January Only
    Average Driveway 60m2 now $450 +GST

    Exposed Aggregate Driveway Clean & Seal

    Greasy, Dirty & Mouldy driveways are slippery and dangerous. Constant pressure cleaning will create a problem called the ‘Glacier Effect’.
    This is when the sand and cement holding the stones or aggregate together is gradually eroded away, aggregate can come loose and wash away, which can not be repaired.
    We only use the latest Ozcoat Pro Seal 896, it strengthens these areas using super plasticisers that penetrate the substrate.

  • Spray on Topping Sealing

    Pressure Clean Seal & Protect
    25% OFF January Only
    Average Driveway 60m2 now $450

    Spray Topping Driveway Revival

    Pressure cleaning & re-sealing your spray paver tile look topped driveway will restore that lost ‘Decorative Topping.’
    Bring back that new driveway look & protect from stains and tyre marks.
    The latest product on the market, Ozcoat Pro Seal, goes down on a just pressure cleaned wet surface, it revitalises toppings using super plasticisers that penetrate the substrate.

  • Sealing Polished Concrete Floors

    Clean Reseal & Protect
    25% OFF January Only
    Seal & Rebuff $15 per m2

    Polished Concrete Floor Clean & Reseal

    If you have a Diamond Polished Concrete floor, cleaning and resealing is important to prevent staining and guards against wear & tear.We only use the latest water based technology, cross linking, UV stable & buff-able sealing system superior to other products on the market.
    Using the latest products from Ozcoat ensures no VOC’s or smelly harmful solvent based chemicals are present.

Ozcoat products are Superior Premium Water Based Super Plastiser Systems, developed in Australia. Way ahead of the competition.

In most cases, your sealing application will be done in one day, thanks to Ozcoat formulas, (rather than waiting for a 2 day, dry surface preparation other toxic solvent based products require). High Pressure Cleaning & Sealing with Ozcoat Pro-Seal (trade secret chemistry), as soon as the area is cleaned, is the best solution for your concrete areas. Ozcoat products are Eco Friendly.

Our policy is strictly eco friendly products that are people, pet and environmentally friendly. Ozcoat products and systems effectively use water to create barriers for protection and easy maintenance. Our staff have years of concrete polishing, grinding and resurfacing experience we are focused on protecting hard surfaces from deterioration from the elements and mechanical forces.

Concrete Resurfacing Primer

Ozcoat products

Water Based Concrete Primer for Ozcoat’ resurfacing system with extreme adhesive and binding qualities. Used as a primer or admix to create a breathable membrane, strengthen the sub straight allowing for permanent bonding of construction materials to concrete surfaces.

Grouting Topping Binder

OzCoat Pro Polish

100% UV stabilised acrylic polymer concentrate used during the resurfacing mix or grouting & polishing processes. Extreme binding qualities, formulated to increase long term clarity of the surface sealer. For final sealing use only Ozcoat Pro Seal 896 for best results.

Concrete & Topping Sealer

OzCoat Concrete Sealer

Premium Water Based cross-linking 100% acrylic flexible sealer exclusive to OzCoat. High oil & chemical resistance. Will not shatter or blush, super clear UV stable satin finish. Increases the strength & durability of Exposed Aggregate. Seals & protects Decorative Concrete Toppings & Polished Concrete Floors.

Check out the Videos on Ozcoat Sealers.

Powerful Water Based Science, Ozcoat uses water as the solvent & the conduct to penitrate deep into the matrix of concrete.

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