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New Colour Driveway Resurfacing System & Sealing Products

Spray Stencil Topping Driveway Resealing or Colouring
Pressure cleaning & re-sealing your spray paver topped driveway will restore that lost ‘Decorative Topping.’ Restore colour and bring back that new driveway look. Protect from stains and tyre marks. The latest product on the market, WBS Pro Seal 896, goes down on a just pressure cleaned wet surface, bring coloured toppings back to life using super plasticisers that penetrate the substrate.
Clean Enhance and Protect Sandstone Areas
Restore your sandstone look and protect from the elements. Pressure cleaning & re-sealing your sandstone with Pro Seal 896 will protect from stains for years to come. The latest product on the market, WBS Pro Seal 896, goes down on a just pressure cleaned wet surface, it revitalises & strengthens sandstone using super plasticisers that penetrate and increase abrasive resistance on the sandstone surface.
Clean & Seal Exposed Aggregate
Greasy, Dirty & Mouldy driveways are slippery and dangerous. Constant pressure cleaning will create a problem called the ‘Glacier Effect’. This is when the sand and cement holding the stones or aggregate together is gradually eroded away. Concrete aggregate can loosen and wash away, which can not be repaired. We use the latest products that allow us to clean and seal your driveway the same day. We don’t use toxic products.
Decorative Coloured Concrete Cleaning Sealing Prices

Certified Applicators of Water Based Sealers Pro Seal 896. Superior Premium Water Based Sealing Resurfacing Systems, developed in Australia.
Way ahead of the competition!

New resurfacing colour sealing system for stamped cobble driveways

Sealing & enhancing systems for old stamped concrete driveways are here. Paving paint just doesn’t cut it, it doesn’t penetrate the concrete and usually peels off pretty quickly. WBS sealing actually uses a wet surface to penetrate into the concrete matrix. Super tough, Colour Enhance Sealers by Water Based Sealers is amazing, bring your old driveway back to life.
Penetrating topping Sealers Performance Flexable
High Pressure Cleaning & Sealing with WBS Pro-Seal (trade secret chemistry), as soon as the area is cleaned, is the best solution for your concrete pool areas. WBS products are Eco-Friendly.

Independently Owned & Operated with 20 years of resurfacing experience we are focused on resurfacing and Sealing hard surfaces.

Concrete Sealing Products by WBS are Amazing.

Powerful Water Based Science, WBS uses water as the solvent to penetrate deep into the surface of the concrete. Check out the Videos Below…

WBS products and colour systems effectively use water to create hydro barriers forprotection and easy maintenance

Joan M
Hope Island

Pro-Seal 896

Water Based Sealers 'Pro Seal 896' is totally amazing. No smell like the other products and works amazing. What a great natural look for our driveway colours.

Pro-Polish 770

Our old coloured concrete was fading badly. Brian came in and Pressure cleaned and resealed it, bring the colour back using this product and then a top sealer. Great stuff with no smells.

Pro-Binder 575

After we had our walls rendered, we found this product recommended by Brian to seal our new wall. Our last wall cracked up because the render dried out too quick. This time we had it treated before painting with this product, no cracks this time! Thanks Brian.

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