Grinding, Honing, Polishing work needs Sealing protection

New Concrete can be sealed with our products.

If you have a Diamond Polished Concrete floor, cleaning and resealing is important to prevent staining and guards against wear & tear.

We only use the latest water based technology, UV stable & buffable sealing system superior to other products on the market.

Using the latest products from WBS ensures no VOC’s or smelly harmful solvent based chemicals are present.

High Performance Polished Concrete Penetrating Sealers

Cleaning & re-sealing your polished concrete is important. Bring back that new polished concrete look & protect from stains.

The latest eco friendly product on the market, revitalises polished concrete floors, clean seal and buff back to life.

Honed & Sealed Driveways

Sealing new concrete areas can be done as soon as the surface can be walked on. That means day of pour in some cases or at the latest next day.

Our sealers are the latest super plasticisers developed in Australia.

These water based polymers will assist in the curing process whilst protecting from stains and strengthening the surface.